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Behave Yourself! The Harsh Reality on Why You Should Behave Yourself

Forumbaca English Let’s talk about how it takes to behave yourself and why you should behave yourself. To make it simple that everyone has their own life phase and their own life path.


Take a look at those pictures. Can you tell me what is that? Yes, it is a place where you will lying alone after spending time in this so-called “world”. Human world is no less than a brief moment place to live.

When we’re lying on our “final destination” you can’t even tell who is the smartest person on your class. People can’t tell who is the one with the most wealth on life. Even, a single smell of the most expensive parfume won’t make us know who is the most rich person in the world.

Some of you also won’t know who has the most prettiest face there. Who had the most clout or the one who had the most attention, who had the latest drip or the flashiest bags. Even you can’t tell who had the whole world chasing after them.

We came from a sperm drop, we will end up with maggots eating our face. Yet many people still think that they’re that person? The person who think that the whole world chasing after them. Please, take a look at your bed.

What does it mean to behave yourself?

In case some of you still don’t understand what it means by behaving yourself. In this case, what we are talking about is not to act like you are the most person in the world.  People need to behave themselves such as being polite to other people, not talking down to people just because your status are higher than them. You need to be polite, no matter how much knowledge and money you have. There is a saying that attitude comes first before anything.

How to stop being arrogant?

Look around and pay more attention to the people around you. This is something that I’ve always had in mind since I was a child. Try to look and care about the people around you and listen to their stories. You know, when we get to know someone’s stories and get closer with them, you will understand their values. People may have their own obstacles that they have overcome. Even the things that they do well while you do not even know before.

Try to learn from other people around you. You may have known that other people have something that they are best at while we don’t. You can ask their feedback on some matters that theiy’re best at and listen carefully without reacting or trying to defend yourself from critism.

Something that makes us arrogant as far as I have understand that we have a listening and communication problem. If we start off with the intent to help others instead of promote ourselves. And if we learn how to turn our statements into questions and start listen to other people. More people around us will learn to value our way of thinking, our thought, instead of call us arrogant.

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