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A Heartbreaking Story: A dead Muslim Girl Carried Out of a Night Club

Forumbaca English This heartbreaking story came from one of the Instagram accounts @waazziotv. This account is a security man who was called to work as part of the security team in one of the night club. It was October 2011 when the event occurred. He said that there was 300 people attended the alcohol and drug fulled night at the club.


The story started,  when at the end of the night as everybody rushed out of the club in a hurry, people started to push each other. Even he said that there were many people who slip and fall down the stairs.

He said, “with no regard for each other, they just started to walk over the people who had fallen and stamp all over them”. However, before we knew it, there was a stampede, and people were getting trampled and crushed.

According to the story that along with a few others. He started to pull people out of the pile of bodies that were being crushed. He said that he could hear screaming, crying, and shouting however those people just didn’t care and would not stop. He was still pulling people out from under the crowd and to safety as the police, paramedics and firemen turned up to help.

As he went back in and pulled one female out who was unconscious. He carried her outside the club to a paramedic. He placed her down on the car park floor and ran back inside to help more people.

Every time he came back out, he looked at that girl who still not moving. then, the paramedic frantically trying to help. So, he went back and asked what was going on and the paramedic told him she was dead.

They checked her ID and from her name, he found out she was a Muslim. Another girl also died that night and around 35 people were seriously injured. The police reviewed the footage and told him that he probably saved 30 lives that night. But not that one girl.

The man who owns the Instagram account told that until this day when he remembers her he cries.

“It scared me so much to think as a Muslim I could lose my life in a nightclub. It was the start of me trying to change my whole life around. My intention is to continue doing sadaqa jarya charity projects for her”.

So many positives in the story. However, what stands out for me is the fact that Allah is so great and forgiving that Allah chose this guy to do sadaqah for these girls who didn’t even know her.

What makes me so sad that to think she was so young and maybe she thought of changing to be better. However, a lot of people don’t realize that there were their last moments to live.

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