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3 WAYS TO FREE YOUR MIND | How I Free my Mind to Draw a Smile

“Hello, this is another article that relates to health which is about ways to free your mind to draw a smile. Find out more!” Note that this article has contained about expert says. I always overcome my problems by reading and searching, as well as counseling with some people that more experienced than I am.

Have you ever had a lot of thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable? and at the same time, you probably didn’t know where to talk to? You were probably thinking that there was no point in telling other people about the things we worry about. Or maybe you might be thinking that no one will ever understand the feelings that we had at that moment. Some of us will probably try to bury ourselves and try to bury those disturbing thoughts deeply. But we know it’s not easy. Trying to convince yourself that you can, you are strong, you shouldn’t be like this, and so on. However, aren’t you tired of feeling like that over and over again?

I understand those feelings very well as I experienced overthinking with ‘what if’ or trust issues from time to time. The feeling you probably scared of being judge by other people. It’s somewhat related to my previous article about things I didn’t know were anxiety. However, I will not talk about that. Rather than that, in this article, I wanted to share my experiences as well as help everyone to overcome their feeling that they can’t describe in several ways.

One of the theories at James Pennebaker et al., physiologic. The theory contained about keeping secrets all alone that makes people feel pain or commonly known painful secrets. Keeping painful secrets is stressful, increases the risk of illness, and that self-disclosure. whether verbal or written, reduces long-term stress from inhibition, leading to better health.

(Pennebaker, Kiecolt-Glaser, & Glaser, 1988)

Actually, Releasing the emotions within ourselves is like defecating. As a matter of fact that the feeling when you need to defecate or release yourself is called ‘poo-phoria’. According to the Healthline website, that ‘poo-phoria’ occurs when your bowel movements stimulate the vague nerve. The vague nerve runs from your brainstem to your colon. So how does it related to our emotions inside?

The thing that, when we have so many thoughts in our heads, that you feel like you want to vomit but you probably don’t know how to vent those thoughts. To the worst extend, it’s kind of like the feeling that makes you feel suffocated. It’s when your body doesn’t get much oxygen to keep you from passing out. Therefore, you need to release your thoughts in order for you to feel released and calm.

There are various ways you can do to vent the feelings and thoughts that have accumulated in yourself.

Writing Journal


I ever once before thought that those feeling is only another feeling when I had a bad day. But as time goes by, when I was doing so many activities in one day, and the pressure is killing me. To the point, I couldn’t control it. Then I started to type everything in Microsoft word on my phone. It took me 3 hours to feels like ‘I’m much better than before’ feeling. It makes me calm myself.

Having a handbook that contains your feelings is really great. When your feelings and thoughts are scattered, try to release them by writing them down through books or your note on your phone. You can try to write down whatever you are thinking about. You can write it down in your personal journal. According to medical professionals, Releasing feelings by writing them down in journals is one way to manage anxiety, reduce stress, and help deal with depression. You can read more about how journaling relates to mental health, here

Keeping a journal can also help prioritize problems, fears, and worries. By writing down the problems can help you know which problem is the most important matter to be solved. After you identify the cause of the problem, feelings of stress, and so on are in yourself, you may start to overcome it one by one. You may solve from the easiest one as you probably just developed with the current method.

Talk to someone you trust

Talk to someone

Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human.

Aristotle, Greek philosopher

Human nature is born to socialize with others. People need each other to survive. we need to communicate day-by-day in order for us to fulfill our needs and make our goals come true. As human beings, we develop ourselves by having interactions with other people. but, our interaction isn’t only about filling our needs or make goals, it’s more than that. people need to have interaction with other people to achieve happiness. When things are out of hand and your body couldn’t take it anymore to the point you are exhausted. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to talk about your problems with other people. Even if it only means you need their presence only.

I ever one time where I was sitting alone in my room with the lights off. I was thinking that if I stay like this for a couple of hours or even days, those feelings will probably disappear at times. But in the end, All I could think were because I didn’t know where I can talk to, I didn’t know how to reach someone. I haven’t trusted anyone at that time. Then some of my friends reach me out through message. She said that she needs someone to talk to. Then I heard her out. After that, I realized that I do have someone I can trust. I know it is not easy to open up about your personal problems. therefore, after that day, I try to talk about my problems with her, someone I could trust and keep my secrets from the public.

Researchers have shown that talking about our problems and sharing our emotions with someone that you can trust can heal you, reduce stress, strengthen your immune, and decrease physical stress and emotional. Therefore, you may try to vent the feeling that makes you stress, the pressure inside you. Talk it out with your friends or your beloved one. By talking with other people you may even get to solve the problems together, because they may give you some advice that you actually didn’t know. the cause of your stressful thoughts may be something that you didn’t aware of. Therefore, talking with other people helps you minimize the pressure inside you.

Talk to your pets

talking to your pet

Have you ever heard the statement that having pets can get rid of loneliness? A survey by the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute found that 80 percent of pet owners said their pets made them feel less lonely. Researchers at Ohio State University found that avoiding loneliness was the most common reason people gave for living with a companion animal. there is a feeling of completeness inside you even though you don’t have someone living with you, especially when we are living far away from home for college students. When you feel tired after spending time since morning outside. Then you open the door to your room, you don’t have anyone, but there is your pet waiting for you inside. As if it asks you “how was your day?”.

When you feel that you don’t trust anyone yet. When you don’t have the courage to open up to someone. Or you may even afraid that other people know your secrets. Moreover, if you think that people will use your weaknesses as their weapons against you. It is better to communicate with your pets. You can feel the presence. You can talk to pets, like cats. It may sound like a monologue drama. Monologue drama often expresses a person’s mental thought. Therefore, doing that where you present a speech and the audience just listens and watches you release your feelings. Releasing your thoughts by this monologue action that comes out within. At least you don’t feel lonely and giving away the pressure, isn’t it?

Maybe people who don’t understand the feeling when you really don’t have anyone to talk to will think talking to animals is stupid. However, in fact, a feeling of comfort and calm can achieve not always from people but through things.

Having so many thoughts in your head to the point you feel sick and suffocated because of it. That will only interfere with your daily activities. it is better for you to seek somethings that would make you feel complete and release your thoughts. Those three ways may not be relevant to some people. however, why not try it first if you haven’t find the best healing method to free your thoughts.

“Hello, I have such several articles that can help you in some ways, if you want to know find out more!” But I want to emphasize once again. This was all based on my experiences and obviously, some researchers that actual fact as I wish for everyone to stay happy. I would like to hear from others how you manage to stay calm under so much pressure. Please contact me through email if you need someone to talk to. I will welcome you and listen to you with my best. I really love talking with new people. Visit my other article here

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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